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Priscilla Journeys into Arab Islamic Territory, © 2019, 391 pages, Thriller/Terrorism/Espionage

ISBN: 978-1-7322406-0-5 Classic Edition, USD $49.99 / $66.40 CAN., available at this website and book events attended by the author. Also available casebound, © 2020, 391 pages, USD 34.99.


On the heels of her wedding, the outgoing president commissions Priscilla as a special courier for a
secret mission.


Then, with the success of her special courier-mission behind her—which Priscilla believes to have been a test
of sorts—the newly-inaugurated president appoints her as a “special envoy” for another secret mission and,
the newlywed, and still rather inexperienced intelligence agent, sets out on a perilous trek into Arab
Islamic territory.


Although a work of fiction, SPECIAL ENVOY, explores what happens behind–the–scenes, ahead of the signings of the armistices and the peace accords, and the historic handshakes.

Special Envoy

SKU: ISBN: 978-1-7322406-0-5
  • “I must admit that I am not a speed-reader when reading a good book or one that is hard to put down or anxious to pick up again. Special Envoy is that kind of book. The best part for me is the love story between PJ and Carlton. Also, I love the mystery and suspense. I am amazed at the author’s thought process in writing to such a degree, as the depth of the book clearly shows how much research was involved, not to mention the extensive travel. Whenever I read a sentence and recognize a name that is familiar because of its locality, I find myself smiling.” JUDY JORDAN, Salisbury, NC


    “Apart from the aesthetic appeal of the classic edition, this book reads real. Throughout, Simms-Maddox exposes the vulnerability of the world’s nations threatened by the imminent collapse of global economies. One also gets that the face of terrorism is not that of a Middle Easterner and learns about Arab Islamic culture and real and meaningful Arabic names. The multi-layered plot illustrates the reality of what happens behind-the-scenes, off-camera, and often unreported.” ELINETTIE CHABWERA jointly with VIRGINIA PHIRI

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