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Priscilla Engaging in the Game of Politics – Part One


A bright, carefree, enterprising young woman gets caught up in a life-altering political scandal in the Ohio Senate while doing a favor for her minister-father.

Genre: Adult/Young Adult Fiction, Coming-of-Age, Political Thriller

Themes: Scandal, How a bill becomes a law, Chautauqua Institute, Elections, Black History, Family life, Feminism, Mixed-race, Ohio State University, Florida A&M University, Livingstone College, and multiculturalism

Mystery in Harare: Priscilla’s Journey into Southern Africa – Part Two


A former state legislative aide gets abducted on her wedding day from a church in the American Midwest to the outskirts of early post-apartheid Harare, Zimbabwe. Even more unexpectedly, she finds herself on the run from assassins.

Genre: Adult/Young Adult Fiction, Coming-of-Age, Suspense, Terrorism Thriller

Themes: Action/Adventure, Special Ops, Apartheid, double agent, CIA, FBI, Ian Smith, Cecil Rhodes, Robert Mugabe, mercenaries, Mandela, Rhodesia, Pretoria, Ohio Senate

Three Metal Pellets – Part Three


After returning from her time in Africa, Priscilla works on a presidential campaign, and the assassins who did not get her during her time in Africa, come after her on American soil. Twice they almost kill her; the second time, her life hangs in the balance.


Genre: Adult/Young Adult Fiction, Coming-of-Age, Political Thriller, Terrorism


Themes: presidential campaign, public relations, CIA, FBI, special ops, Arab-Israeli relations, Columbia University, Harlem Hospital Center, Chapunga Sculpture Park, Victoria Falls, the two-state-solution, Democratic National Convention

Special Envoy – Part Four


The fourth installment in the Priscilla series features Priscilla as a new government agent couriering messages among the Federation of the United Arab Emirates.


Genre: Adult Fiction, Political Thriller, Terrorism, Espionage

Themes: Arab-Israeli relations, CIA, NSA, courier, Al-Qaeda, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ash Shihr, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, wadi, collaborators, claustrophobia, vertigo, Amman, Emirates Airlines, counter-intelligence agent, Langley, diplomats

The Mysterious Affair at the Met – Part Five


Priscilla uses her prowess as a secret agent to unravel the mystery surrounding the provenance of three masterpieces on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The  Met 2024 Edition

The Met by AM front cover.jpg

In the fifth installment of the series, Priscilla uses her intelligence-gathering prowess to avert an impending scandal at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This version was published by Austin Macauley Publishers in 2024. 


Genre:  International Crime - Mystery

Themes: Family life, white-collar crime, the world of highly-valued works of Art

About  The Priscilla Series

The Priscilla series chronicles the coming-of-age and adventures of a modern-day, self-assured Black American young woman. There are five novels in the series with more to come.


Adult/Young Adult Fiction: Mysteries, Historical, Political, Suspense, and Terrorism Thrillers (action/adventure)

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