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A Handbook for Emerging and Seasoned Authors

"An original. This handbook is essential for all authors to improve their creative writing skills with the ultimate goal of publishing.

An excellent classroom tool for exercises on creative writing. The summaries of writing styles by various authors are robust. This addition strengthens the lessons on creative writing techniques. My favorite is the example from Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. The vivid language helps readers picture the characters in their minds. 

The illustrations on obtaining the publishing essentials, such as copyright, ISBN, permission rights, and so forth, are invaluable." 

The reviewer, Marie L. Umeh, Ph.D., is Associate Professor Emerita, John Jay College of Criminal Justice-CUNY and UN Ambassador-African Women for Good Government.

"I followed the steps and converted my Word document into book format and digital files, and then uploaded the files onto my distributor's website. And presto! I self-published The Women of Matawale and Other Stories."

Elinettie K. Chabwera, Ph.D.



A Handbook for Emerging and Seasoned Authors: An Insider’s Step-
by-Step Approach to Becoming a Successful Indie Book Author and
Publisher,, casebound,

ISBN: 978-1-7322406-7-4, USD 179.00, (c) 2021, 184 pages.


Genre: Nonfiction: Educational/ Creative Writing/Self-Publishing

Themes: Learn how to write like acclaimed authors and publish your work your way

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