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The Mysterious Affair
at the Met

After Priscilla returns from her special envoy mission in the Middle East, she helps her agent-husband overcome a bout with amnesia. Meanwhile, unbeknown to her, something sinister happens at the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met board of trustees acts quickly and retains Priscilla’s PR firm to avert damage to the museum’s reputation. In so doing, Priscilla and her intelligence-gathering team uncover a global art fraud racket dating back some fifty-odd years that could easily become the scandal of the decade, if not of the century.



Priscilla Plays in High Cotton in the World of Highly-Valued Works of Art, © 2021, 454 pages, Mystery, Romance, Historical, and Espionage ISBN: 978-1-7322406-5-0 Casebound, USD 34.99.

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